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BETA Construction Inc.

   ​Engineering Services

We have come a long way since Farid Soroosh P. Eng., the founder of our company built his first home in
2000 in Toronto. His strong belief in family, home and community is the bedrock for our company. Our
founder defined “HOME” more than its physical properties of stone, brick, mortar and etc. It is a lifestyle
and a community that connects us to each other and our environment.
What we started about two decades ago is now recognized as one the most stylish, innovative and
exceptional firms in design and build of new homes. We’ve learned how to do this with superb cost
effectiveness without compromising quality.
Our company was established under BETA Construction in 2002 and it became under BETA Construction
Inc. in 2008 which is mostly known as BETA Homes. It recognized as one of the premier residential
Design and Build firms (a head and shoulder above all) in the city of Toronto and GTA. Our team of well
known and recognized architects and engineers (structural, mechanical and electrical) are dedicated to
stunning design and working closely with our construction team to create extraordinary dream homes
for our clients and most importantly “within their budget”. We have built about five hundred stunning
custom homes ranging from 1500 -20,000 sq-ft with super happy clients in our cardboard to back us up.
In our company’s commercial and industrial remodeling and restoration branch we also are recognized
among leaders in this industry. Thanks to our dedicated team of professionals with their exceptional
design and build expertise who led the company in the spotlight.
Our experts are on converting/creating industrial buildings into modern, innovative lifestyle office
spaces. Our tirelessness dedication in this line of business has brought us up among highly respected
builders and designers in the industry. The projects we have done are ranging from 5000 to 10,000 sq-ft
and up in Toronto and GTA.
Our company’s services are:

  • Design and Build Custom Homes (including building permit process)
  • Design and Build /remodel/renovate industrial building (including building permit)
  • Design and Build /remodel/renovate Homes (including building permit)
  • Budgeting, planning, and cost effectiveness approach